Master Chubue

Master Chubue

Born on Alzoc III forced into slavery at birth. Escaped to the Republic where he was trained by the Jedi. Vowed to fight tell the day he dies and will keep order no madder what it takes. He is part of the species Talz

Early YearsEdit

Master Chubue Found the republic in Kashyyyk In a crah landing. He crashed in a major battle. He was almost killed by a Driod, but his will saved him he used the force for the first time. For a while he was trained. One day one of his masters a murdered by his other two master who left them. The commander of the army of the galactic Republic shut down the order and the younglings were slughtered only a few survived. After The order he joined Tiberian Empire (not to be mistaken with Treidum Empire ). He then went missing.

Middle YearsEdit

He then Crash landed at a Jedi training area were he found out. Some of his best friends from the Order survived. He joined the order and Quickly made it to knight. He then set off to make a diffrence in the galaxy. He found a Sith order and enlisted in it. He earned his spot in there and was trained by the Leaders most powerful. He had to make some tuff choices. He came back and saw every thing had changed. A jedi who did not know he was a jedi murdered him. He was dead for a year (One day earth time). When the force some how made him rise again. Where he was made master.

Golden Years Edit

He left to go stop the siths advance. He found the Death star. He broke in and killed its emporer and escaped quickly. He found that the order had become corupt by a person claiming to be one of the Grand masters. He left the order. And then talked to a Leader of the order and had it destroyed. They soon made a new stricter order....